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It all started in my basement...

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Hey, I am SO glad you found me.

Hello and welcome! I’m Liina. I started Basement Queens out of frustration turned inspiration. I wanted to get in awesome shape — but my life had changed:  I’m a divorced, busy, working mom. A former gym rat, now I use Beachbody programs to get in shape — and became a coach so I could help other busy people get their health back! I want to help you.

I have also become a certified group fitness instructor, and teach CORE DE FORCE classes in Minneapolis, MN. Find out more about CORE DE FORCE.


What I'm Currently Doing

Oh man, I love this program!
It's called 80 Day Obsession, and it's like having a personal trainer in my basement. I have gotten so much stronger and I'm never bored. Plus it uses stretchy bands and sliders — two things I've never used before in all of my gym-rat days!

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