A Walking Jumble of Mistakes and Love

I’ve been told I never seem to get rattled. I keep my cool.

The people who know me the best know the truth.

I had lunch with a new friend today, another entrepreneurial single mom. We talked about business, marketing, SEO strategy, as well as energy work, creating your life, following passions versus living in fear, and this idea that we’re all just walking around pulling life together as we go, while making it seem like it’s all going just perfectly.

Well, it’s not.

And if it is, wonderful, but sorry— it won’t continue forever. That’s just life.

But the part that I love about being a twice-divorced, cancer-surviving single mom is meeting other people who get it.

Women who are empowered by humility.

People who have taken whatever it life has dealt them, and gotten through it, and then examined it in their palm like a mysterious crystal and thought, “What can I do with this?”

The other day I was working out in my basement, and once again pulled out my old Igloo cooler that I got as a wedding gift back in 1997 when I was a child bride, and used it as my weight bench. (It’s solid, man!)

That cooler, as dumb as it sounds, symbolizes this concept. We all have old stuff, old reminders of what life has thrown at us. I could see that cooler and think, “Ah, I failed. That marriage was a failure, I am a failure.” But no, I use that dumb old thing to make me stronger now.

But it’s not just about being physically stronger.

Part of my intention of sharing my health journey has nothing to do with fitness. I can use the stories and experiences I’ve gone through now to let other survivors of divorce and cancer and just LIFE that we are all in this together. It’s our duty, I believe, to help each other along by NOT pretending everything is ok. And it’s the reason I feel compelled to share my ugly underbelly.

I’m a walking jumble of old traumas, regrets, bad ideas, poor planning, too many goals, not enough drive, and irrational responses as well as joy, great ideas, hidden talent, excitement, and inspiration.


It’s time we start admitting it and helping each other.

What do people always say about you? Is it true?

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