Hi! I’m Liina. I’m a self-employed mom of one (a fabulous four year old boy), a graphic designer and a fitness coach.

What does it take to have the strong, healthy body that you have either had in the past or NEVER have had but want? More willpower? Enough drive? More money for a trainer?


None of the above.

I come from a background of being coached. Years of competitive swimming. Coaching works. Why?

  1. People show up (often because their parents made them— ahem… thanks mom and dad, albeit with a bad attitude at times)
  2. They are encouraged by their coach and teammates to set and reach goals
  3. They are accountable to their coach and teammates.

Accountability + encouragement.

Sure. You can learn to be your own coach. You can learn ways to keep yourself ‘showing up’ for your workouts. A race. Or a running club. A zumba group or whatever group. People who are making sure you’re sticking to your goals and showing up.

But many of us don’t have a coached background. Or we used to and now we’re new moms stuck at home and are like, “Hmm.” So it can appear like some people are just ‘good at being fit’. Or they have ‘good genes.’

Not true!

What is Basement Queens?

So how does this apply to the whole Beachbody thing? I am here to be YOUR coach. How does that work? It’s pretty simple: You tell me what you want. We chat about your goals. Weight loss? Maintenance? Muscle building? And I help you pick a workout plan (there are tons) and add you to my group.

You workout on your OWN time. In your own home. (I use my basement.)

You make dietary adjustments, small or large— up to you.

I check in with you, I make sure you’re showing up. If you’re on my team I want to add you to my online group, too (you can’t hide from me! Evil laugh.) No, but really, it’s so impactful to see others post their daily workouts, progress, and overcome hurdles and share successes.

Accountability WORKS.

I don’t get paid by you. You simply pay for the program(s) you choose.

I’m not in this for the money, I have a day job. So whether you buy a single program, or a package that also includes some protein shakes (Shakeology), it’s all up to you and what results you’re after.

No sales pitches here. I just want to help people feel awesome and stop the pattern of frustration I see out there, and have experienced in myself.

I want to help you get out of your OWN way.

I want you to feel as strong and powerful as you truly are. (Like a queen!)

Sign up. You’re here. You know it’s time.

Now, I know it’s scary to commit.  This form is NOT a commitment of any kind. It simply lets me know a little bit about you, where you’re coming from, and what has brought you to this point of wanting some support and direction from me.

Then, we chat.

I look forward to getting started.

– Liina