Five Reasons I’m a Beachbody Coach

“I’m going to trick you into becoming a coach! Muah-ha-haaaa!”

Nope. But I used to think network marketing was a scam. Here’s the very basic breakdown:

I make 25% commissions on sales. I get a bonus cut of my team’s sales every week. Yep, this is a “sales job”. If you grow a bigger team, you make more money.

Fun fact? I hate sales. I am the worst “sales person” ever. I really hate being “sold to.” I retreat in a corner if I sense a sales person approaching me at a store. When I worked at McDonald’s in high school I got in trouble for not up-selling enough. I just want people to have what they want to have.

Am I sales-ey? Ug, I hope not. If I am, send me a #slap. So why the heck am I doing this? Here are a five of my reasons:

1: I needed to hold my own feet to the fire.

I needed to get in better shape, and stop making excuses to be less than the person I knew I could be. I was out of ideas, and this presented itself at just the right time. So I jumped in. And it turns out people don’t always know how to GET what they want to have. With coaching I can help them create a better life.


2: I like a challenge.

I like to push myself out of my comfort zone. By sharing my own journey, I can help people think about what they could do differently. By hosting challenge groups I have to keep showing up for my clients, but also for myself. I need to be proof that these products work.


3: I figured, if I’m getting in shape anyway, why not get paid for it?

I’ve since learned you can make a lot of money doing this if you want to. For now, it’s my “side hustle.” But hey— it paid for 3 vacations for me this year so far. Not too shabby.


4: Our country has an obesity epidemic.

We need a solution that anyone can do, anywhere, that doesn’t cost a lot of money. This is it! Nothing drove that home more than seeing 30,000 passionate coaches at our annual Summit in Indianapolis this summer. We are all changing lives, and doing our part to change this problem.

5: I want to make “healthy” the norm.

There’s a stigma to being “healthy.” There’s a lot of cultural behaviors in our country that due to mass-media have gotten turned around backwards and are now considered normal, like: snack foods, fast foods, and convenience foods, video games and binge-watching, drinking soda/pop, over-sugared everything… I believe that if enough people shared their “healthy” lifestyle, more people would question what they’re doing and make lifestyle changes. And for those that don’t know how, I can teach them.


Good to know:

  • Did you know you can do this with me? I’d love to have more “non-sales-ey” coaches on my team. Send me an email at and I can tell you more or help you sign up to be on my team.
  • As a coach you’re only required to keep a personal supply of Shakeology coming (or another supplement) so your coach membership stays active.
  • Coaches can make their business into whatever they want it to be. It’s totally a blank slate!
  • You get to create your own brand, and sell tools (products and services) that are ready to go.
  • If you have two coaches “under you” you make the team bonus on top of any sales commissions. We call it “Emerald”. There are different ranks the more you grow your coach team.
  • Nothing has motivated me like being a coach. If you’re stuck in a rut, this is actually the perfect time to become a coach. Share your journey of getting ‘unstuck’. Because you will, especially when you make it public!


My favorite part of this before and after pic is my face. Happy! Alive! Confident.

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