Be your own best friend: FLIP yourself off.


Making better eating choices is not a perfect, linear path. It’s messy. There’s a lot of screwing up, setbacks and starting over. I have found if I don’t give up, and react with kindness to myself, I can look at mistakes and FLIP those hairy bastards into progress:

F ➕ Forgive yourself. You’re human.

Love yourself and tell yourself you are still worthy of making an effort for. You matter. Everyone you interact with benefits when you feel your best.

L ➕ Learn.

What did you learn about yourself from the situation? Do you snack more when you’re sitting around? Did you get enough protein and fat to feel satisfied or were you low on nutrition and graze due to the lack? Were you eating socially and not mindfully? Were you stressed out and also low on nutrition? Did you have your Shakeology or a satisfying snack before the incident or event where you over indulged?

I ➕ Intention.

Set a new intention. How do you WANT to feel coming out of the next situation or event?

P ➕ Plan.

How can you plan better next time? You are in charge here, nobody else puts food in your mouth. Usually. (Like, my son sometimes shoves things in my mouth, but this isn’t a societal norm. 😉 )

We can be so hard on ourselves, and it only sets us back.

Let me know if you do something similar to this, or try this for the first time and how it goes. A good way to reflect, for me, is to put pen to paper. Be curious. Be gentle with yourself, and you’ll discover new ways to work with yourself, instead of against.

– Liina


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