Why I Can’t Quit Beachbody Coaching

I was having some doubts recently about the amount of time and energy I put into sharing my fitness journey and being a Beachbody coach. I thought about quitting, and making other things a priority for awhile.

As I worked through it, it became quickly clear what I needed to do.

Being a coach is not only keeping me physically fit. It’s not just workouts or Shakeology.

I am more socially fit.

I love the community. I’ve created my little fitness tribe, my Basement Queens team. I’ve made other coach friends across the country at our annual conference, and in my area. My social circle has become full of health-conscious, positive people.

I am more financially fit.

My little trips and vacations have been covered by my side hustle coaching income. I was wary of the MLM aspect at first. But then I realized I could basically get paid to do what I’d be doing anyway— taking care of my health. The amount of time I put into the hustle is up to me. Some weeks it’s a lot, some weeks not.

I am more mentally fit.

One of the things Beachbody encourages its coaches to do is to learn. To keep on growing as a person. I’ve read more personal development books, gone to conferences and speakers, gotten certified to teach CORE DE FORCE, and started a gratitude journal.

I am more emotionally fit.

We all want to belong. We want to matter. We want to be seen. These are basic human emotional needs. Being a part of something that matters to me has given me a sense of purpose and has pushed me to be a better person, and has also affected my design business as I’ve learned how to connect more deeply with people.

And yes, more physically fit.

The Beachbody programs are solid tools, (and new programs coming out all year long), I’m more motivated AND more consistent. I am, at 40, in undoubtedly the best physical shape I have ever been in.

So I guess I’ll keep going. 😉

I’m always thrilled to get new Queens (or Kings) on the team. Message me anytime.

Far left: November of 2016, the day I began my Beachbody journey. Middle: November of 2017 (the start of intermittent fasting). And far right: February of 2018.

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