Intermittent Fasting on Vacation

The Ancient Secret?

I never thought I’d be blogging about fasting. I thought it was a dumb fad. I thought if you skipped meals and felt hungry, your metabolism would get all messed up and slow down.

But I was wrong. One of the best things I’ve ever done was start skipping breakfast.

Especially on vacation.

“This is the ancient secret. This is the cycle of life. Fasting follows feasting. Feasting follows fasting. Diets must be intermittent, not steady. Food is a celebration of life. Every single culture in the world celebrates with large feasts. That’s normal, and it’s good.“ ― Jason Fung, The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss

Since last November, when I was part of a large group of people switching diets to high-fat, low-carb eating and intermittent fasting, I’ve been limiting my daily eating between the hours of 10am and 6pm. So I’m fasting from 6pm until 10am, a 16 hour period.

Basically, I don’t eat breakfast until later and I stop all eating and snacking after 6.

But, vacations are a celebration.

And if there’s ever a time to really let loose and enjoy life, it’s in Mexico.

So I have. I have enjoyed more treats, tacos, a corncake dessert with ice cream, and some odd snacks including some Cheetos (and discovered that Mexican Cheetos are not the same as American. They have a little more kick with some hot spice instead of the American, mild Velveeta flavor. In case you were wondering.)

And then, as usual, in the morning I wait until around 10 or 11am to eat again, after my workout. If I’ve overeaten the night before, my digestion has time to catch up. So my system has felt good.

I’m eating more and I don’t count calories, so I may gain a pound or two. I don’t care at all. (And I probably won’t know. I don’t weigh myself often.)

I’m living my life. I’m enjoying time with friends. I’m enjoying the Mexican culture. And that includes enjoying more food for a week.

Living la vida loca?

“We are wired for feast and famine, not feast, feast, feast.”

― Jason Fung, The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting

I’m not getting too crazy, though.

I want to feel good when I’m here! I want to maintain my usual energy so I can enjoy everything around me even more. Being bloated and lethargic, or having indigestion would be silly since I know how to avoid it.

So it’s not all feasting. Since I am rooming with two of my best friends who are also food bloggers and fitness coaches, we are automatically packing healthy lunches and snacks for the beach and making our usual eggs, veggies and bacon, and still using our Shakeology, too.

Beach lunch: Romaine lettuce wrap ‘hoagie’
When in doubt, eat an avocado.
Arugula salad from Edith’s restaurant in Cabo

I’ve also enjoyed fresh fish and shrimp, and if an entree has rice on the side I ask for grilled veggies instead.

So my point? I’m not gorging myself. I know how I feel when I eat or drink too much, or the wrong things (for me), and it is just not worth it.

The journey of figuring out what works for my body has been one of baby steps, and I feel like starting to fast was the final piece, clicking into place.

It works for me.

And having read a lot about fasting, now I understand it’s not a fad. It’s a way of life that current generations have forgotten.


Have you ever been to Cabo? Send me your favorite restaurants or activities!

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