Week 12: High-Fat, Low-Carb Nutrition with Intermittent Fasting. My final results.

I already know what my “everything in moderation” body looks like.

I had that body for nearly 10 years.

Through a marriage that included a battle with ovarian cancer (chemo) and took me down to zero activity for about six months, as well as a miscarriage too soon after the chemo, and then a pregnancy that went well enough considering I ate anything and everything and then had a gigantic 9 pound baby that took 55 hours to deliver.

And then a divorce, followed by the sale of my home and moving.

All of this included many, many batches of monster cookies. My “medicine” of choice for the stress.

In writing all of that just now, it only reiterates just how ready I was to make a real difference in my body.

This 12 week group was just what I needed, and taught me even more than I realized it would.

But first, my results:

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Since the photo was taken on the far left, my total weight loss is 31 pounds and over 26 inches combined (chest, waist, hips, arms and thighs).

I felt good when I started, (middle picture) but I was at a plateau and was still battling the snacking and sugar that I have been my whole life.

During this 12 weeks I’ve lost 16 of those pounds, and almost 11 inches.

On the far right picture, taken this week, I feel light on my feet, strong, energetic, and more like myself than I have in YEARS.

I share this because:

  1. I’m proud of my progress. I’ve worked hard!
  2. I used to feel like I was just too old and my body was too far gone to even bother.
  3. I want to inspire others to try something new. I was a skeptic of intermittent fasting and of eating any differently than I was taught (3 square meals, lots of carbs, don’t ever get hungry) and I have loved this new way to eat. It’s simplified my life, given me more more energy and put me back in charge of my body.

Lesson #1: Sugar is a drug

I used to hate hearing that.

Sugar is the one thing I felt ok about. It seemed like a freebie. No fat, just some sweetness! What’s the harm?

I have learned — by how I feel getting OFF of sugar — how much control it had over my food choices, my mood, my energy, my body shape and my body storing more fat in my abdomen…

I have learned it doesn’t help me one bit.

Bummer, perhaps, but true.

And sugar is in everything, more so than ever.

“Today, two slices of whole-wheat bread can raise your blood sugar more than two tablespoons of table sugar can.”
― Mark Hyman

Does this mean I’m not ever going to eat it? No. In fact, as part of my breakfast to celebrate (this is kind of ironic and silly) I got myself a cinnamon roll to go with my eggs from a new gluten-free bakery in my neighborhood, Sift. It was really, really good.

And really sweet. Now that my palate isn’t used to it as much.

But what I realized in eating it, and afterward:

  1. It was good for about 3 bites. I could have stopped and shared it with someone else.
  2. My energy took a hit and I felt sluggish the rest of the morning.
  3. I definitely felt like eating more sugar later that day, and had to make a mental note of how quickly the sugar addiction can creep back in.

Lesson #2: Fat is amazing fuel

Once my body got “fat adapted”, my energy was like a steady locomotive all day long.

My workouts were more powerful.

My muscle tone improved.

I didn’t crave the sugar and carbs I used to crave nonstop.

Basically, I learned that fat is where it’s at! Give me some fat, some veggies and protein and I am happy.

And there are many delicious, fast and fun ways to get fewer carbs, more fat and moderate protein.

Lesson 3: Accountability + community made it possible

Had I been doing this solo, I wouldn’t have gotten to the 12 weeks as smoothly, if at all.

Because of my friends also doing this, along with our large group of over 600 other people sharing their journeys, I felt inspired and supported.


This is just a glimpse of what a little community support looks like (these are actual screen grabs from my own Basement Queens private team app where we all post our workouts daily and share a little bit of our day).


If you want to learn how to do this, my coach and friend Stacey Greenside are running an 8 week group starting March 19. We’ll be guiding you through it, giving you all the information you need to succeed.

Most participants lose 1 – 4 pounds per WEEK.

The energy and empowerment gained cannot be measured. 🙂

There’s more information on this group here.


You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet.


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