What the heck is Shakeology? Is it a scam?


Shakes are just a scam to make money, I thought. The people that buy into that crap don’t know how to look into products and ingredients. The people that drink shakes aren’t eating real food, and will probably get some sort of stomach condition from all that liquid “food”.

Those were my thoughts when I first heard about Shakeology. And Isagenix. And any shake, really.

I’m a skeptic. I don’t shop Black Friday sales. I didn’t think the iPhone was a great idea when it first came out.

I prefer to grocery shop at the local food co-op. I want quality.

Last year I started paying attention to my friend’s posts about Shakeology, I started to get a tiny bit interested. Just a little, though. Not enough to try it. For heaven’s sake, it’s powder! Not FOOD. Give me a flipping break.

Well, you know that feeling of desperation, where you’d try anything because nothing else is working? That’s where I was last November.

Thanksgiving was approaching. My pants were horribly tight. I was sluggish. I hated my lack of energy, I hated my body for betraying me. I thought it would bounce back after chemo. And then after having a kid. I was a “fit person”! I wasn’t supposed to have a soft belly and tight pants! What the heck?

My friend, the glowing, happy Shakeology friend, seemed to have her stuff together. So I asked her about what she was doing. Beachbody workout programs at home and drinking Shakeology once per day, plus clean eating.

It seemed too contrived, too simple.

I was wiser than that. I had been a competitive swimmer. I had done triathlons. Long distance running races. I had a membership at the best gym in town. I went to the best yoga studios. I didn’t workout at home, not me. (I was a snob, basically.)

So I didn’t do it. I thought I’d get back into my own thing and sign up for another race and whip myself back into shape.

Long story short, that didn’t happen.

My friend had given me links to her coach signup page, since I’d expressed interest before. Six months or so later I went back to those links in a fit of nervous desperation and signed up as a coach, and ordered a program package including a month of Shakeology.

I was at a point where I just needed something different. I needed a plan. A kickstart. I needed to be all-in for something. I was going to give this my all, because I wasn’t giving anything my all. I was coasting through life. I didn’t know what to try next, and I felt so stuck.

What I used to do wasn’t working anymore.

I have a 3 year old now. I’m a single mom. I am self-employed and busy. I can’t push myself hard enough to make progress on my own right now, I need someone to be accountable to. But I can’t hire a trainer, mostly due to time constraints.

So here I am, almost 3 months later: 13+ inches down overall, my pants are loose, and I am annoyingly energetic. I sometimes laugh at myself for how much energy I have now, and am giddy with my health improvements over such a short period of time.


And yes. Now I drink Shakeology every day. I crave it.

At first I was sheepish about it.

No longer.

I’ve done my label readings and comparisons, and am satisfied that it’s all natural. A lot of competitors’ aren’t. Also, in comparison to competitors shakes, this has over 70 superfood ingredients that theirs does not. These ingredients are sourced from all over the world and are ground down into a powder to make the healthiest, raw food shake you can get. And with my belief in Traditional Chinese Medicine (and proof in my own body that it works), I appreciate that there are ingredients that will strengthen my immune system and will help my body recover from stress. That’s pretty cool, actually.

But the biggest proof for me is how I feel. My digestion is better from the probiotics and fiber. My energy overall is steadier. My immune system seems better as well.

The other benefit is the simplification of one meal per day. I know I can whip this up quickly and I will feel good. As a busy, working mom I appreciate that.

So that’s my take, as a user of the product.

Plus, the company will give anyone their money back if they don’t like it, even if the bag is open. That says a lot to me.


My Vegan Chocolate Shakeology Magic Potion

My favorite recipe: Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana

1 c. non-dairy milk

1 scoop Vegan Chocolate Shakeology

2 T powdered peanut butter

2 ice cubes

1/2 frozen banana

1/4 c. water

Put it all together and blend! I use a Magic Bullet, because my Blendtec BROKE. But this is actually very handy because the blending container is the cup you drink out of. Less clean-up and simplifies the process, which I always love to do.

I usually drink this for breakfast, do my workout, and then have a gigantic 3 egg veggie and cheese omelet and coffee. There is often sausage or bacon on the side, too.

Do you have a favorite vegan chocolate or strawberry recipe? I’d love to expand my horizons sometime soon.




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